As of June 18, COVID-19 has hit over 210 countries and regions, affected more than seven billion people around the world and claimed over 440,000 precious lives. The virus does not respect borders. Nor is race or nationality relevant in the face of the disease.

In order to support Open Science advocated by UNESCO, and to share China‘s knowledge and practices in fighting COVID-19, China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange (CISTE) has produced a series of videos titled “China's Research on COVID-19” in cooperation with CAST UN Consultative Committee on Life Sciences and Human Health (CCLH) and CAST UN Consultative Committee on Information Technology (CCIT). 

The virus is still raging. Let’s make concerted efforts to protect the life and health of people in all countries and work together to build a global community of health for all!
China’s Research on COVID-19—NO.4: Clinical Medicine
Quality clinical treatments and drugs are crucial to reduce severe cases of COVID-19 and mortality rates.

As of June 20, Chinese scholars had registered 573 clinical trials and published 1,831 journal articles on COVID-19. The research topics of these articles include early warning indicators of severe cases, the clinical management of cases, the in vitro selection of antiviral drugs and related clinical experiments, convalescent plasma therapy and immunotherapy drugs.  

On this basis, China has issued a series of clinical treatment guidelines and experts’ consensus statements, More
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